A Beginner’s Guide On How To Use The Cricut Machine

You may have viewed thousands of attractive Cricut craft items over the years and wanted to complete the items yourself, but were unaware how to do this. Well, firstly one would require a Cricut machine to create a Cricut craft; however, it does not make sense to buy this machine if you do not know how to use it. Cricut machines are simple to use, and this article will provide information on how to use this particular piece of equipment.

What Do I Need To Make Cricut Crafts?

While the most crucial aspect of any Cricut craft creation is the Cricut machine itself, certain other items need to be purchased. Along with the Cricut machine, you will also need a Cricut cartridge with a cutting mat, a keyboard overlay, a handbook, and Cricut paper or card stock.

How Do I Use The Cricut Machine?

Step 1: Cartridge Installation

The first step to creating a Cricut craft is to install the cartridge into the Cricut machine. All machines should come with cartridges; however, it can be more enjoyable to search for new cartridges of different colors and build up a collection. When you have a cartridge, place it into the allocated slot and position the keyboard overlay above the cartridge on the face of the Cricut machine. This completes the installation of the cartridge.

Step 2: Turning The Machine On

The next step to using a Cricut machine is turning the piece of equipment on. The machine must be placed on a solid surface, and it can be switched on using the identified ‘on/off’ button. Of course, the machine first needs to be plugged into a wall socket before the ‘on/off’ button will operate and the equipment can be turned on.

Step 3: Insert Material

 The third step is to insert the material that needs to be cut into the Cricut machine via the cutting mat. Place the material, such as the stock paper, onto the cutting mat and ensure that it firmly adheres to the mat or there may be problems with ‘sticking’ or ‘jamming’. Once positioned, load the cutting mat onto the die cutter by holding it firmly against the machine and press the ‘load paper’ switch.

Step 4: Selecting The Size

A size selector dial should be available on the keyboard overlay allowing you to select the size of the die cut you wish to make.

Step 5: Select The Design

After choosing the size, select the design using the keyboard overlay. Instructions for this procedure can be found in the handbook, and you should read the details before you begin cutting. It is possible to opt for multiple designs simultaneously, but you need to first cut these before selecting different sizes for the materials.

Step 6: Press Cut

After the design and the sizes have been selected, press the ‘cut’ button.

Step 7: Unload And Lift

Once the Cricut machine has completed the cutting, press the ‘unload paper’ button, and the cutting mat will release the material with the design on it. Carefully lift the item from the machine using a Cricut tool or craft knife, but it is possible to use your hands as well.

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